People's Republic of Alquaedistan v. USA, Bitch!

To counterweight Doug's thougtful approach to the election, here's a stupid, gloating link.

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Casualty Information

Another good war information source: Iraq Coalition Casualty Count

I'd love to give to origin of this link but I can't remember and my browser history is no help. Attribution later if I can find it. Meanwhile, apologies to anyone offended.

Three Frenchmen

Three Frenchmen killed fighting US in Iraq

I'd be curious to find out the number and origin of all non-Iraqis fighting against Coalition forces.

Post-Election Question

There's been a lot of press about the CNN poll which found that the most important issue for 80% of Bush voters was "Moral Values." And while there may be a degree of significance to this finding, can I be alone in suspecting that for these respondents "moral values" may be just another way of saying "the issues that are most important to me?"

And if I'm right, does this poll prove anything other than that most Bush voters are moral realists?

- D. Brown

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