More on Mary Mapes

An interesting bit of information from Cut On The Bias (link via JunkYardBlog) about Ms. Mapes and some of her activities in relation to certain federal prison inmates. While the communication itself may or may not have been dangerous in and of itself, the act of circumventing the prison procedure tends to show a contempt for things like following the rules, be they of journalism or law. Of course, the phrase "journalistic rules" doesn't exactly flow off the tounge.

What's that you say, Lord Acton? Power what?

Meanwhile John Ellis has some recent advice for Mapes; to paraphrase: "CYA, Mary, you're being thrown to the wolves!"

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Book Blogging

Since Vin Pays D'OC started with the recently-read books blogging, I'd like to mention the affecting Gulag by the redoubtable Anne Applebaum. Sure, I'm the last guy to arrive at this particular party (she's already been awarded the Pulitzer Prize, etc), but it's recently (April) out in paperback, and it's an important one. Her website archives some highlights of her other writing. But put down whatever bit of trivia you're reading and pick up Gulag, if you haven't already.

-D. Brown

Our Fearless Leader

As part of my "No Joke Left Behind" policy, let me be the first to say: "Welcome back, O'Connor."

-D. Brown

Cat Stevens Deported . . . But For All The Wrong Reasons

Regrettably there's no part of the Patriot Act covering such maudlin '70s twaddle as "Peace Train."


Why we need to kill terrorists (not for the faint of heart).



More Wineblogging

Speaking of wine, here's a plug for Pretty Smith, a Paso Robles winery. They have what I consider to be some outre offerings, including a Cabernet Franc (usually used in blending) and a Zinfandel-based port.


With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa

I recently finished reading this book by E.B. Sledge, a marine who fought at the above battles and lived to tell about it in this somber but excellent book. Although the way America fights wars has certainly changed completely since the massed-infantry battles of WWII, this book is, I believe, a must-read in a time when we're sending troops abroad to fight.


Finding Wine

Wine Searcher's your tool! Not that I ever find myself searching for that hard-to-find vintage -- I tend to buy wine from Trader Joe's -- but if you do, this is a neat tool.


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