Killing it at The Nation

Have you seen the South Park episode "Scott Tenorman Must Die"? Drinking the tears of his outwitted enemy, Cartman says, "Oh, the tears of unfathomable sadness. Mmm, yummy!" I felt the same way when I found this little bit of silliness. In case you don't give The Nation hits on principle, here's the executive summary: it's a contest to decide which slogan will go on the button that they'll distribute at "this summer's political conventions." And while sloganeering is neither art nor science, but an excercise in self-ridicule, the slogans (submitted by readers) in this contest are unbelieveably bad. Again, in case you don't want to hit the website, here they are:
Exit Strategy: Vote!
Know Bush, No Peace--No Bush, Know Peace
Beat Him by More in 2004
Import Democracy
Kerry Us Back to Democracy
Security Begins with Peace

These, mind you, are the finalists.

They're using Instant Runoff Voting (IRV), which has gotten some press in the last couple of years. Basically, you rank your preferences, and if your first choice is the least popular, it's eliminated from contention and your second choice becomes your vote. The process ends when a majority of votes is cast for a single selection. This I find appropriate for Kerry (semi-)supporters, as Kerry also switches his vote when what he votes for intially turns out to be unpopular.

Posted by Doug Brown

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