Kerry the Candidate

Eric Alterman, writing in The Nation, expresses his confidence that John Kerry could realize strong gains on George Bush:

. . . if Kerry could only admit to the entire country what he told me and a bunch of other reporters back in December in Al Franken's living room: Like so much of the country--and its elite media--he made a terrible mistake in trusting George W. Bush. He underestimated both the fanaticism and incompetence of the President and his advisers and their willingness to mislead the country into war. He thought George Tenet's CIA reports were on the level. He imagined Colin Powell was more than just window-dressing.

Two questions: 1) Considering his audience what else could he say? Something nuanced? 2) Does Alterman really this sort of talk would help Kerry? "Why did I vote in favor of the war in Iraq? Well, let me tell you what I told Eric Alterman while I was hanging out in Al Franken's living room . . ."

Yes, please. To paraphrase the National Review, please make this man your campaign manager.

Posted by Doug Brown

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