vanden Heuvel: Uncanny

By way of contrast, Nation editor Katrina vanden Heuvel clears her lungs and offers this charming bit of sputum:
But while Ridge made us feel less secure at home, Donald Rumsfeld and his fellow Chicken Hawks actually did make us less secure abroad with a "fight them over there" strategy that has worked all too well. Two years, 150,000 soldiers, and tens of thousands of American and Iraqi lives later, and we have yet to secure Baghdad's airport road. Each month the number of casualties rises. November was the worst of the entire war.

What was sold as an easy battle in our latest War On An Abstract Concept has become another dreaded "quagmire"--a black hole for American prestige, treasure and blood. This is tragedy replaying itself as farce. And we have the men who avoided service in Vietnam to thank.
If vanden Heuvel would prefer to call it the War on Militant Islam, we can accomodate her.

-D. Brown

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