But he's just a hippie, so *his* rights don't matter...

Grateful Dead's former lyricist finds tough fight against searches By Mary Anne Ostrom, Sun, Dec. 19, 2004 Contra Costa Times

San Mateo County Deputy District Attorney Aaron Fitzgerald argued that Barlow "was on a fishing expedition" in his attempt to open up the government's policies and procedures. Two government attorneys representing the federal agency sat directly behind Fitzgerald, arguing several times that witnesses could not answer defense questions because information such as how X-ray equipment is used and how workers are trained could "make it easier for terrorists." The judge sided with the prosecution at nearly every turn.

Sure, Barlow was on a fishing expedition, in an attempt to uncover some of the lunacy that surrounds the joke that is airport security. I've been to LAX twice quite recently, and as far as I can tell the only thing that screeners are taught to do properly is drool. Somewhere, this generation's Oscar Wilde is busy skewering this nonsense.

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