A Question for Michael Moore
Mr. Moore is known for his criticism of Corporate America, political parties and, most recently, the war in Iraq. I do not take issue with his television work or films, such as Fahrenheit 911 as Mr. Hitchens does, because I have not seen his work. However, I have seen Mr. Moore’s television interviews where his criticisms have seemed dogmatic, polemic and lop-sided. In the interest of balanced criticism, I think it would be appropriate for a journalist to put the following question to Mr. Moore:

“Mr. Moore, why did you not criticize, in your 2003 acceptance speech , the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences after the Academy nominated for its top honors a convicted, pedophile rapist who has refused to return to the United States to serve out his prison term for his guilty plea? Why haven’t you criticized the Academy in the year since and, more importantly, why haven’t you returned your Academy Award in protest?”

-S. Schudy

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