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I'm no media evaluation expert. Do we take on only the hard news or the editorial pieces as well? I'm ready to (baldy, after the infinitive-splitting manner of the original Enterpriseers) assert that the LA Times veers to the left. But if the scenario you outline, viz:

To be more specific, if a reporter's article appears to be anti-death penalty one day, and another article appears to support anti-abortionists the next, followed by one that appears to favor pro-gay civil rights, with a Sunday feature highlighting the efforts of an Austiran-school economics professor, how then is this reporter, much less, the newspaper to be classified?

is possible (especially the part about an LA Times reporter knowing about a Hayek other than Salma), I'll hand in my badge right now. Just saying.

Posted by Doug Brown (who adores Salma; just saying)
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