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I thought up the name "The Irrationalist" for a blog when I was rereading E.R. Dodds' "The Greeks and The Irrational." I've always been a fan of this book. As amazon reviewer David Butler (same link as above) notes

Dodds introduces his material with an anecdote of a young man he met in the British Museum who confessed his inability to get excited about the Elgin Marbles, because, after all, the Greeks were so "terribly rational." Dodds then poses the question, "[w]ere the Greeks in fact quite so blind to the importance of nonrational factors in man's experience and behaviour as is commonly assumed both by their apologists and by their critics?" In answering his own question (the answer is, of course, "no"), Dodds writes an interesting book.

I thought that a blog with a similar title to Dodds' book might sound good, but also more importantly (and generally) might actually act as some sort of useful examination of human behavior, both rational and irrational.

I believe that there's some school of philosophy called "Irrationalism" but the blog title has nothing to do with it.
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