Nazism Explained / Hitler As Nanny

By John O'Connor, revisionist depth psychologist

The current New Yorker has an excellent article, "Reporting It All", on legendary journalist and chronic overeater AJ Liebling.

Liebling became an unlikely war correspondent, but an interesting one. Money quote:

"'I did not think about Germany,' he wrote. 'When I was a small child I had had a succession of German governesses all indistinguishably known to me as Fraulein. They had been servile to my parents and domineering to me, stupid, whining, loud, and forever trying to frighten me with stories of children who had been burned to a crisp or eaten by an ogre because they had disobeyed other Frauleins. . . . Anybody who had had a German governess could understand Poland.'"

The New Yorker, "Reporting It All: A.J. Liebling at one hundred," by David Remnick, March 29, 2004


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