The End of Democracy?

After a contentious Presidential election season, the ballots are in and the victor has eked out a win by the smallest of margins. The defeated party calls for a recount and the result is verified. The losers, of course, deny the legitimacy of the recount, spinning theories involving corruption, last-minute dirty tricks, and accusing the winning party of subverting the will of the people. What happens next depends on when and where you're holding the election. If it's 2000 and Gore has just lost to Bush, well, there's some pissing and a deal of moaning, but most people get on with their lives. If it's 2004 and you're in Taiwan, this is what you get. (via IHT, again)

Lest you think that it may be messy, but, hey, it's democracy, note that

China, in its strongest statement on the Taiwan election turmoil, warned on Friday that it would not stand idly by if the situation spiraled out of control.

That's right. Our buddy China. Detente: it's French for capitulation, mate.

Posted by Doug Brown
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