Differently Rational

The NY Times website linked to this editorial from Beirut's Dar Al-Hayat, apparently drawn from an expatriate Lebanese high schooler's private journal. The last paragraph either suffers from translation or delusion. You decide:

Should I get off the world, later regret what I left, and repeat my attempt to leave the world in a chain of non-ending immigration? Maybe if I did, I would find that lost Jew, as he is the reason for my loss.

Is this a reference to the legend of the Wandering Jew, an anti-semitic story from the middle ages? If so, it's a reference as oblique as the route of Kafka's The Hunter Gracchus, a character inspired, in part, by that same legend.

But the really creepy editorial is this one, in which the calculus of Hamas's retaliation for Yassin's killing is explored. I don't think you can mistake this for anything other than a cold-blooded consideration of which innocents should be murdered and where. Just in case you were a little short on the politics of murder today.

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