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Emily, The Official 8-Year Old Niece of The Irrationalist, has an inordinate love of Barbie dolls. She surely shouldn't be exposed to this but I think the story is interesting for grown-ups. Money quote:

Noting the image of Barbie dolls is "ripe for social comment," a three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday rejected toymaker Mattel Inc.'s appeal of a lower court ruling in favor of lampooning the popular doll.
Good piece by Cali Insider on retrofitting and Arnold's take on it in light of recent quakes here and in Iran. Why not take a less interventionist approach to this? Well, it depends on what happens: if there are no major, loss-of life-and-property quakes during his term, this approach will seem brilliant. If there is a massive quake centered in a major population area and there's lots of death, well, the piper will have to paid, politically speaking.

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