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Teleport City Movie Reviews: Star Wars Holiday Special Hilarious.


Well, the mine-company stock-owning menace at the library yesterday actually got worse. I had left one little computer area to go to another, where I could be away from him, to surf and blog in peace. But no, it was not to be that simple. As the computers here tend to freeze up from time to time, it is necessary to either reboot them or to move to another. Most people capable of starting a computer choose to simply reboot the things. But not our hero. His computer in area A froze, so he up and came over to where I was sitting, to the (working) computer next to me, and started talking.

You know, social gimps are the worst. Bores, windbags, numbnuts, call 'em what you will . . . there just never seems to be a shortage of them, often in pursuit, it seems, of me. Message to the nutbags: LEAVE ME ALONE. I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR SHARES IN THE MINING COMPANY.

I beat a hasty retreat for the door.


Why is it that certain types of people are incurably and insufferably annoying to strangers? This sort of casual rudeness is endemic to big-city life, at least in LA, and it tends to spill over in the oddest parts of life.

I am referring, of course, to the jerk in the computer room at the place I'm posting from, about three feet to my left. He is braying on and on to some other schlub there about how he owns three percent of some mining company. I know that a little talk in the library's fine, but by Zeus this bastard won't shut up. I mean, who cares whether he's made a bunch of money, as he was quick to point out, who cares whether he's "had a ton of fun with it." I mean, DAMN. This guy is walking Onion story.


GOT HIM (Link via Instapundit)

Getting him alive seems a good thing, at first blush. Especially without loss of American/Coalition life.


I am happy that the capture occurred today; it's a reasonably lame day in the NFL, gamewise. Spices the TV viewing up a bit. I am hoping that the Chiefs can play well against Detroit . . . I saw Chris Collinsworth badmouthing the Chiefs' chances on TV the other day; I'm not sure whether to feel good about that or not, as he's actually pretty intelligent, especially for an ex-jock. I do know one thing: his mullet is straight from the 80's, and it's got to go.

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