Great piece by edited Beeblogger Weintraub vis-a-vis Democratic recall strategy. To oversimplify the Dems are using a divide and conquer method that appears to be achieving at least come of the intended results.
Tomorrow I am headed to play in my first ultimate tournament in three years plus. I thought I'd never play again, after a major knee injury (complete tears of my left ACL and MCL) and surgery to repair it. Yet here I am, ready to go one more time. I should say that I am playing in the co-ed division so the play is not the same as play in the club division, but it's rigorous nonetheless. I just want to play well and not get hurt. While the former gets easier with age, the latter gets harder, and after 17 years of ultimate (I shudder to write that), the machine is definitely breaking down.
One great weakness of Easterbrook's "blog" -- no contact address. Well, color me crazy but isn't the essence of blogging supposedly the ability to contact the author reasonably quickly in order to communicate ideas about entries? I thought so!

In fact Easterbrook's web page ISN'T A BLOG AT ALL for that very reason. Sure, it's an interesting and readable (if often wrongheaded . . . here he calls Michael Kinsley "beloved," a stretch if ever there was one) but a blog it ain't. In the rush to get on the blogwagon the East Coast fishwrap eggheads at TNR forgot to understand what the medium entails before carelessly slapping a label on what is essentially a forum for extra columns by Mr. Easterbrook.
Here I criticised Gregg Easterbrook for taking an unbalanced view of Indian society. Well, here you can read some evidence of why I think his view was excessively charitable to say the least. Although I tend to like Easterbrook's writing, anyone who writes that

. . . [I]t might be argued that India is the greatest global success story of the past half-century

without taking note of the aparteid-like system which systematically subjugates up to one-fifth of the populace, is seriously blinkered. Maybe Easterbrook should investigate this. I dare not think how angry Easterbrook might get over a real injustice like what happens in India if he can get this worked up about being without power for a few days.
File this under " . . . 'Cause they taste good".


Here's RecallWatch, a site dedicated to the Cali recall. More information than you might want but well worth the visit. Also while you're thinking about the recall go to California Insider and see what Dan Weintraub has to say about Schwarzenegger's Indian policy.


Speaking of cool sites, if you've never been to Fark, go there. Check out their photoshopping contests. Classic. Almost as classic as my typos.
Check out Hollywood Bitchslap, a cool movie review site.
Check out John Scalzi's blog entry on what he perceives to be the alternate reality that is the Bush administration's m.o. It's interesting. I'm not sure it's persuasive though. His anti-Bush "the supreme court handed him the election" rhetoric doesn't exactly seal the case for this argument.


Here's a list of Kansas City blogs. Shoot, I didn't know there were enough typing monkeys in KC to blog. Guess I was wrong!
I've had some interesting discussions about the relative merits of living in various places in the U.S. I have had what I think is a fairly atypical experience in the I grew up in the midwest (Kansas City), went to undergrad in SoCal, and then to grad school in Boston. I currently live in SoCal, and like it here just fine. I am convinced that, just as people tend to rise to their own level of mediocrity, people also tend to live in places that suit their personalities. In the following series of posts I am going to discuss different places I've lived, their virtues and follies, and why people may or may not want to live there.


The whole point of blogging is that you get someone's take right now, when it can make a difference. Well, yes and no.


If you can't look into the Koran, at least look into Allah's blog. Five times a day. Which major deity is next? Athenablog? Kaliblog?
Chris Hitchens' dietary recommendations. I'm with him on the red wine, although it's a rare day that I have a martini. If you must drink hard alcohol, let it be the best whiskey in the world . . . Irish, of course! And preferably 24 years of age, although 12 will do in a pinch.

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