Go to this list of women's blogs. To quote (in part) the compiler of the list: "I started this list after reading several outrageous generalizations about women bloggers."

'Nuff said.
Speaking of wineblogging, check out Purple Sunshine.com, a wine blog.

I am now drinking a glass of Clos Du Bois North Coast Sauvignon Blanc Vintage 2002. It has a milder flavor that's fruity without being too sweet. Like pinot grigio, the hot varietal-of-the-moment, sauvignon blancs tend to have a sharpness or tanginess that chardonnays don't. I tend to go for the reds, but a good sauvignon blanc can be really nice with lighter fare. Plus, it's a good value and should be obtainable for under $10.00 pretty much anywhere in the states. Clos Du Bois is located in the Alexander Valley in Sonoma County.


I am working on the much-anticipated "climbing Mt. Whitney" post . . .
Ah. come on . . . a blog about a cheerleader and . . . no pics? What is the world coming to?

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