The Official Brother of The Irrationalist submits the following:

Here's one for you.

Was in a New Age bookstore chatting with the owner.
Another customer, a pal of the owner, was there, and
both gals were chatting about the new Lord of the
Rings movie. So far, so good.

The customer hadn't read the books until the first
movie came out. At that point, she did. She has
still not read The Hobbit or The Silmarillion, and I
felt some envy that she has those things ahead of her.

She said something to the effect that she had the
elven ring. I inquired. What she has is a replica of
The One Ring of Sauron, complete with elvish-language
inscription, which she was wearing on a chain around
her neck. I was tempted to paw at it, slobber and
grovel, but -- with an effort -- refrained. (There
was no opportunity, either, to bite off her finger.)
What I did do was question the advisability of wearing
such a thing. She said no, it was not a problem,
blithely shrugging off the question.

Here's my question. Why would a person wear this
ring? Does she not get the point of the story? Or is
she trying to capture Sauron-energy by wearing it? Or
what? I just can't imagine wearing this particular
tchotchke, even for a Dungeons And Dragons party
(well, okay, maybe for that). But owning it? On a
ring around her neck? Hello?

I submit this to The Irrationalist as an instance of
behavior well-suited to analysis on a website with
this name.

She's an idiot.

It seems that new levels of unthinkingness have been attained. It's probably just another piece of jewelry for her, but she certainly hasn't thought through the implications of the symbolism of the ring, and wearing it. What a 'tard.
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