Jason Whitlock discusses the stinking pile of shit that is the University of Missouri basketball program.

Some good stuff:

Quin Snyder be shakin' today.

His president, embattled, embarrassed and regretful University of Missouri systems president Elson Floyd, repeatedly distanced himself from Snyder and Snyder's under-NCAA-investigation basketball program Thursday afternoon at a news conference to address the Ricky Clemons-inspired jailhouse drama, “Ebonics, Lies and Audio Tape.”

Asked whether he'd considered firing Snyder, Floyd, husband of relationship expert Carmento “Oprah X” Floyd, gave Snyder a chilly endorsement.

“That's a question that needs to be posed to the athletic director and not to me,” Elson Floyd said. “Quin Snyder, with the work he's been engaged in with the basketball team, is continuing to perform for the university.”

Asked specifically to assess how responsible Snyder is for the entire Clemons fiasco, Floyd covered just one (tail), and it wasn't Snyder's.

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