On a more serious note, Easterbrook has the following offering:

Compared to all that might have gone wrong, it might be argued that India is the greatest global success story of the past half-century. India has become the world's largest democracy and a reasonably liberal society; it has not fallen apart under ethnic pressure or population expansion, and keeps increasing agricultural output faster than its population grows.

Past the first sentence, which is pure hedging (ALL that might have gone wrong indeed . . . hey, at least when he hedges he does it like a pro!), it's an interesting point which raises the question Easterbrook ignores: what about the caste system . . . y'know, the segregationist system that, by and large, disallows upward social mobility? Fortunately for himself and his blog Easterbrook just ignores the caste question. That's the "good" thing about blogging: you can get away with sloppy thinking and no-one calls you on it because everyone's so breathless about the medium . . . blogging means you never have to say you're sorry! Plus, can any country with such a system be called "reasonably liberal?" Depends on who's counting, I guess.

Worst of all, Easterbrook ignores the best and most important thing about Indian culture: the food!

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