A big part of having a blog is act of linking to other sites in general and specifically to other blogs. It's called "blogrolling," a play on the term "logrolling." The practice is discussed here. I tend not to have many links listed permanently (see the two -- as of this date -- listed to the left under the word "linkage") . . . rather I just link in a post itself and let it go. The basic reason for this is that no-one reads this blog but myself and a few other people. People looking for other blogs probably know how to use Google, and ergo how to find other blogs.

I make exception for some sites I visit regularly. The Perseus Project reflects my interest in classical studies and languages and as such merits a link. Gut Rumbles is another exception as I like the writing therein. Subtley is generally not a virtue on the web and you won't usually find it at Gut Rumbles or any other blog. However Smith's writing style manages to separate itself from the usual harangue-fest on most blogs due, in part, to the more-interesting content. Your mileage may vary, as they say, but I say check it out.
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