I live with a married couple whose first anniversary is this month. Being fond of them I volunteered to cook 'em dinner, David-style. I told them I'd cook them whatever they wanted; however, they deferred to me saying they'd eat whatever I cooked, as long as it wasn't tofu. Fair enough, I said, let me think of something.

I think I'll grill pork tenderloin as the main meat course. I do this well and it's good at this time of year when it starts getting a little cooler in the evenings. The only problem is what else to cook . . . I'll probably grill some apples along with the pork, as they go so well together, but what else? Maybe for an appetizer some sweet potato soup? And what to put with the pork besides apples? Roasted red potatos with rosemary? I'm making my second batch of pesto from my homegrown basil tonight, so I could givem em some pesto w/pasta for a starch but that be too many strong flavors at once . . . I smoke the pork a LOT when I grill it.

As for desert, I may fudge on this and . . . make sorbet. We'll see. I've never made it before but a perusal of recipes makes the process seem reasonably easy it a bit time-consuming.

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